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Monday, August 23, 2004

Accepting an invitation to join the Haiti Mission - August 23

Many of my son's favorite memories of growing up as a PK -- Preacher's Kid -- involved the mission trips we would take. Much to his regret, and mine, my last congregation was never interested in such trips. I suppose it made sense for them. After all, with every race and over 37 different nationalities represented in our congregation, and with the diversity of the city of Miami -- the mission field was always "just down the street."

When I moved to Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Greater Atlanta Presbytery, I was thrilled to see the mission emphasis of this congregation. The Associate Pastor does a great job in his work in missions, and he is normally the staff person who accompanies annual trips to Haiti and Belize -- but when he announced he would not be able to go to this year's Haiti trip the missions committee invited me to join them.

I eagerly accepted the invitation to join the group, but then suddenly wondered -- "what good would I really be?"

The rest of the team is made up of medical professionals and electricians. I'm afraid of being electrocuted and I all I know about medicine is how to call my doctor for an occasional appointment.

"Don't worry," one of the team members tried to reassure me. "Before the trip is over, we'll teach you the difference between Valium and Viagra."

Well -- perhaps I can learn a little more than that!

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