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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Continuing to work in Haiti - September 28

The part of the group that returned to Leogane had the opportunity to join another group that included two doctors. The heat made the day very difficult, but they were able to see 197 patients!

It now looks like we will be leaving Haiti tomorrow, shortly after High Noon. We are looking forward to arriving in Atlanta a little after 8 PM.

Those of us who stayed in Port au Prince had a bit of a scare -- there is no room in the inn at the Hotel Montana. All hotels are booked -- mostly because of the activity of UN personnel, news media and relief workers who are coming and going to and from the flood area. For a while it looked like we might spend the night around the swimming pool (which the hotel was going to let us do). However, we finally found accomodations at the Hotel Kiman in Petionville.

Thanks for everyone's prayers!


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