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Saturday, September 25, 2004

We're Staying A Little Longer Than Expected! - September 25

We were surprised to learn that Hurricane Jeanne has made a complete circle and has headed back to Florida.

Looks like we will be staying in Port au Prince for the day. There are no flights leaving Haiti for Florida.

The good news is -- we are safe. The weather here is great. We probably have no problems getting rooms at the Hotel Montana for an extra night (we are still working on that). If nothing else we will just go back to the hospital in Leogane. We have reservations for flights tomorrow, so if the jets are flying, we will leave on Sunday. It is, however, possible for us to be here until Monday. As the commercial says, "Send Snickers, we're going to be a while!"

Some things are beyond our control, but rest assured your mission team is safe and sound.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers!!!!

11:40 AM  

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